And which part of Ottoman empire had a warmer climate and was also peaceful at that time? That right, Syria. So, when they relocated 1,5 milions of Armenians to a warmer place, the Armenians were so overjoyed, that they ditched their nationaility and religion and choose to become muslim Turks. After the war they just resettled their former lands as Turkish nationals.

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Another example was the grassland prairie of the Great Plains of the United States. Early immigrants used them for farming until the next 20 to 30 years brought drought and soil erosion. The devastating condition resulted to the abandonment of the land by the years 1932 1938.

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But what impress me the most is how much this movie is willing to embrace cheesiness. For me, The Conjuring movies are so memorable because of the right amount of cheese, and James Wan does it again with this one. Pop music blasting with slow mo when Arthur and Mera comes out of water; Arc shot with Mera smirk when she suddenly realizes something important; Being unabashedly melodramatic etc.

The sustainable use of water and soil go hand in hand and the European Commission is investing in this area. A task force on water and agriculture was announced in February 2017, hoping to boost investment and spread best practices to improve water sustainability in Europe. As a follow up, a knowledge hub on water and agriculture is being set up, and should be fully operational by the end of 2018.

Budget your living expenses in order to find out where all that extra cash is going. You likely spend money every day on unnecessary items, without realizing it. Money saved from dining out, splurging on extra cable channels, or keeping your bedroom a toasty 75 degrees could be used to pay down debt or start a savings account.