No. There was 1:59 remaining after the 2 minute warning, and the Bears had one timeout left. Risking a blocked field goal attempt would not have been the right decision, in my opinion, and the don’t score idea didn’t work very well for the Giants. Lot of unfortunate situations have been happening, Holley said. It only been three weeks. But I do expect police to be a lot more around this area, at least.

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Co op worker and Nader LaDuke backer Liz has her hands full making sure the affair runs smoothly, organizing literature and serving up organic apple juice and «fancy potato chips.» A dozen people shuffle in, resembling a pamphlet on diversity and sporting every look from vegan coed to over 50 biker. «What’s the video?» shouts an older gentleman, spotting the projector at the front of the room. Liz tells him it’s Ralph Nader’s appearance at the University of Minnesota’s Willey Hall.

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