Khashoggi was a foreign correspondent for the Saudis in the 1990s, a useful cover as his work for Saudi Intelligence, then he ran a government run paper in Saudi Arabia, but began to fall into disfavor when he began criticizing the government after their break with the Muslim Brotherhood. After fleeing to the US he wrote a few opinion columns for The Washington Post. A few columns complaining about the former Saudi leadership he worked for, a few in support of Hamas, several hoping for the destruction of Israel, and lots of condemnation of Trump was the extent of his «journalism.» He wrote propaganda for the Saudis and his opinions in the US..

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Some of the most recently included are the micro electronic industries and their wide use of solvents, acids, plasmas, gases and toxic metals. They all require more than a hundred different types of chemicals that include the commonly known chemical carcinogens. Micro electronic industries mostly employ women to process silicon chips in the industry’s semi conductor section.

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