It’s hard to be a scout, though. After all, some players are just developing when the time comes to enter the league. That means many of the best players go undrafted during one of the most pivotal times of their lives. Feel free to DM if you have any q on this as well (my own experience was an undergrad and I then an MPA. I now do data/strategy for a large city school district). Though you could also just pick out say «a large sirloin roast» and they can grind it for you as well (best way in terms of making good quality burgers is pick out pieces and grind em)..

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I know reading is great and all, and there is a lot of value to it. However, to say that all successful entrepreneurs read is a flat out lie. This list is exclusively tailored towards tech entrepreneurs, but your local stonemason is likely an entrepreneur who takes home 6 figures a year without reading any books.

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