Proponents would argue that a few well chosen cuss words in the right setting help to relieve stress. Opponents then counter with the understanding that vulgarity is a downer for workplace morale. It is the opposite of professionalism. Dave Camp, R Michigan has already written a letter to the acting head of the IRS complaining that this delay will hurt people who depend on getting early tax refunds. Thus far, however, the only concession given by the IRS in this matter is a promise to look into options that may shorten the delay period by about a week. Still, the organization is making no promises..

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Graduates with an Associates in Science have several professional options available to them. Positions in the business sector, such as lower to middle management positions, administrative assistants, executive assistants, lower level human resource jobs and most entry level positions can be attained with an Associate of Science. Jobs in the engineering field such as engineering technicians are available to associate degree graduates provided they took a substantial amount of math and science, and the agriculture industry welcomes the degree.

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