In July 2014 the Bundesnetzagentur started a call for tender for the development and operation of a permanent measurement concept for Internet access quality usable by end users (fixed and mobile). It is envisaged to provide a working solution by end of 2015. The purposes indicated on the table relate to the permanent measurement concept to be developed through this process..

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Cummings could be on an option year but not much has been reported on his status. To me, that makes Qwiberg the most likely player on the roster to be bought out. It would be a cheap buy out as his guaranteed compensation was under $170k and it would free up a valuable International spot..

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Our MIKE linebacker needs to be able to read and be responsible for the entire middle of the field. Our Defensive ends need to be able to set the edge and two gap. It literally the polar opposite of what we had in TA when Caldwell was the coach.On Offense, we essentially had an installment of the Broncos and the Saints offense which is predicated on wide receivers getting open on their own.

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