Field position is really interesting but if I remember right it isn what we think. It seems like there was a study on this and some high school coach was very radical about it. IIRC the key factor has to do with the average points your opponent is going to score on the next drive whether you punt or go for it and don make it.So here is where it gets weird.

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In a split second of self pity, you agree. The reasoning is logical. After all, you must have tried a dozen home businesses, everything from Amway to zero down real estate. Well, some jobs are not particularly enjoyable, sure. But I think the majority are if the people are not just wage slaves, but people who actually have a stake in the whole operation. A factory worker might hate what he doing if its just 10 hours of working for some billionaire, but he/she might like that same job if its 8 hours of productive work in a friendly cooperative where he/she actually has a stake in.

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I don think he has much empathy, and that a problem for someone in his position.Its not that hard to accept this perspective, once you understand that Donald Trump is an inherently selfish person with little empathy for anyone but maybe his children. He still wants the death penalty for teenage suspects of a rape that were found to be innocent. I have never seen any instance of him demonstrating empathy.