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moncler jackets canada This Friday, 14 May, in Zurich in Switzerland, representatives of footballing countries around the world will submit their bids to host either the 2018 or 2022 tournaments.The bidding nations have been asked to comply with a wide variety of conditions that Fifa has laid down and which moncler outlet it would like to keep confidential.Among them is that the entire event should be free of tax for Fifa.»Any host country requires a comprehensive tax exemption to be given to Fifa and further parties involved in the hosting and staging of an event,» said a Fifa spokesman.This means that to be successful in its bid, the UK government must agree moncler outlet sale to forgo tens of millions of pounds in tax for the benefit of Fifa, which as a charitable organisation pays hardly any tax to its home country of Switzerland.It also appears to mean that the tournament income of the players, some of whom are among the highest paid earners in the world, should also be exempt from tax.ConfidentialityThe decision on where the 2018 and 2022 competitions are to be staged will be taken by Fifa in December, after considering the huge Bid Books that the contending nations are about to submit.Fifa have very strict confidentiality clausesGerry Sutcliffe, Former sports ministerThese will contain the details of how, exactly, the would be hosts propose to go about organising such a massive event.They will have to comply with eight government guarantees, which the UK government signed last December in support of England’s bid.Do they involve relieving the players, possibly even those already resident in the UK, from paying tax on their incomes?»I’m not able to tell you,» said a spokesman for the England 2018 bid team. «Fifa requires it [the technical bid document] to remain confidential.»But he stressed that this applied to all conditions, including those applying to moncler jackets outlet visas, work permits, travel, security, banking and foreign currency, commercial rights and broadcasting.»It is not a selective confidentiality,» he said.A spokesman for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said: «I can’t go into detail of any of that because Fifa have very strict confidentiality clauses but there is always room for manoeuvre.»What does the former sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe say? «Fifa require that details of the guarantees not be made public,» he told me.»If I did that it would damage the bid and I am not prepared to do that.»The tax exemptionNot all bidders feel so bound by this confidentiality. Holland and Belgium have a joint bid to host the 2018 or 2022 World Cup.The Dutch government recently published all eight government guarantees on its official website, in the form of a draft letter to Fifa President Sepp Blatter.Guarantee no.3 requires «Full tax exemption of Fifa and Fifa subsidiaries» and «is not limited to the events and is not limited time wise.»»The exemption stated in this section shall encompass all revenues, profits, income, expenses, costs, investments and any and all kind of, in cash or otherwise, including through (i) the delivery of goods or services, (ii) accounting credits, (iii) other deliveries, (iv) applications, or (v) remittances, made by or to Fifa and/or Fifa subsidiaries,» the letter cheap moncler jackets says.This exemption also applies to associated bodies such as the local organising committee; ; Fifa member associations including the hosting association; the host broadcaster; and Fifa service providers.That applies so long as the potential tax relates directly or indirectly to the World Cup and any of its associated events.Intriguingly, the document does not directly mention the most high profile participants in the World Cup the players moncler jackets canada.