important link And my last cycling accident happened while I was in a dedicated bike lane. A pickup truck that was just ahead of me made a 90 degree right turn across my bike lane without signaling (or apparently mirror checking, either). I collided at about 20mph at about a 45 degree angle into his wheel well.

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This heroic citizen, who helped save children from a burning building by catching them as they were thrown from a window, may have produced the most savage and unnecessary sports sledge of the year.Diehard Eagles fan Hakim Law was describing his role in the rescue to a local news crew when he randomly threw crazy shade at wide receiver Nelson Agholor, who had a bad dropped catch and a fumble in a defeat to the Detroit Lions.seen a guy hanging out the window screaming that his kids was in there, things like that, Law started throwing babies out the window, Law continued. Was catching unlike Agholor. Have the temerity and composure so soon after what must have been a rattling experience to burn an underperforming star puts this in the Sports Sledge Hall of Fame.But Agholor had a classy response.

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