I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!! YTA because you think you deserve the same steak. Cooking is art and a craft that takes practice. By cooking a steak well done, 1.) you teach a chef poor cooking techniques and destroy the flavor profile of this dish.

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The Celtics defense is locked in, having allowed just 85 points to the Suns Monday night. Teams that allowed at least 25 points less than league average last game since 2008 are 214 167 6 ATS. Boston scored 99 points in that game which was 13 less than expected but the 85 points allowed were 29.5 points less than expected.

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Read Full Article In fact, I saw Kick Ass for the first time this weekend and it name checked the original book for this, which is what got me interested in the first place. The only name I knew was involved in this movie is Michael Cera and I haven enjoyed anything of his since Arrested Development. I have no hate, but it pretty clear he chooses projects aimed for an 11 16 year old audience, and it would take me a while to come around to a new reality..

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