Many business people are not prepared for some of the basic differences that they will experience when working with other cultures. Both businesswomen and businessmen will experience many culturally differing styles, mannerisms, and behaviors, and women in particular frequently find themselves wondering whether certain behaviors they are observing are culturally related or are related specifically to their gender. It is important to understand that these differences do exist, to learn to identify these differences, and to develop strategies to cope with them.

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«She said, ‘tell him about the biggest problem you faced.’ It was running out of ice.»That’s his story and it’s important, because he was part of the military effort. You go and you do what they tell you to do,» he said.While many people think of all veterans as having seen conflict, only one out of 10 were ever involved in combat, Traphagan said.One of his goals for his museum would be to tell the stories of the men and women whose duties may have involved such tasks as finding more ice for drinks, he said.Traphagan said he estimates he would need a 5,000 to 20,000 square foot building to house his collection and create the museum he envisions.A projected floor plan includes a mini theater and canteen.Ideally, the museum would be located in Grove City.»I’ve looked into a lot of sites, but the problem is that when you have the kind of appeal Grove City has for development, it makes the cost of property pretty pricey,» Traphagan said.He discussed the potential of locating the museum in Fryer Park, «but the city is hesitant about giving more out more land there when it’s so limited, and I understand that,» he said.Space was potentially available at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center, but since it is a school site, no weapons would be allowed.»That wouldn’t work for a military museum,» Traphagan said.Although the Central Ohio Military Museum is registered as a 501(c)3 organization, Traphagan has not begun raising any money.»I think first we need to get a site selected before we begin asking people to donate money to help establish the museum,» he said. «I don’t want to have people contribute money without there being something real for them to support.»What he is looking for is someone who may have land to donate, or who could offer a tip on a potential site..

W. M., Kroon, J. And Gros, P., 1999. Although Giudice belligerently quarreled with all the housewives, her two family members, Melissa Gorga (sister in law) and Kathy Wakile (cousin), said they hoped to work things out. Caroline Manzo, on the other hand, felt differently. She claimed Giudice was the cause of a falling out she had with her sister Dina and said she was not interested in repairing the relationship, calling it more of an acquaintance rather than a friendship.