No researcher’s work is spared not even Carl Linnaeus, who in the 1750s overcame an international scientific Tower of Babel when it came to naming species. He instituted the two word Latin name, starting with the (capitalized) genus, followed by a (lowercase) specific epithet, a system used ever since. Thanks to his method of binominal nomenclature, what is dubbed a bulot in French fish markets, whelk in New England, buccin in Canada, and the Wellhornschnecke of the North Sea, is known universally to scientists as Buccinum undatum..

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But the Steps don just do political songs. One of their funniest, from 20 some years ago, was a Suburban Drone, a take off on Bob Dylan a Rolling Stone that mocked onetime youthful hippies for becoming conservative drones in middle age. One recent song, Kidney Stones, was written to coincide with the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary in 2012, and it riffs about their age.

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Added to this were freak shows and fairgrounds with their boxing cats and diving horses. The world’s first wooden boardwalk was built here, and piers and music halls flourished. Frank was discovered on the Steel Pier in the 1930s, singing with Henry James’s big band.

He notes if somebody with a BC licence is caught driving while distracted outside of this province, that offense will not count towards the total number in a three year period. Far as I understand, the provision relates to tickets received in British Columbia for distracted driving so, it two or more tickets in British Columbia. Says right now, about 12,000 BC drivers have racked up more than one offence during a three year period.

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